Year Two Blog 21.1.18

This week in science we have continued to look at materials. We have talked about whether materials are suitable or unsuitable – for example would trousers made of paper be suitable? Then we used our creativity to make instruments out of recyclable materials. We then thought about the suitability of these. Are they strong? Do they make a nice sound? As part of your home learning you could design or create at item of clothing out of materials other than fabrics. What makes them suitable or unsuitable? This could be recorded in your home learning book.

In maths we have continued to look at division but this week we are focusing on division by grouping. (See the example below) We would love for the children to continue to practice this at home with some sweets or their toys. You are welcome to send up photos of their work or to record anything in their home learning book.

12 ÷ 3 = 4
Share the flowers into groups of 3.
To find the answer count the number of groups.
There are 4 groups.


In English this week we are focusing on editing work. We have read a fact file about Mrs Ellis where she made lots of mistakes! We read it through lots of times to check for…

  • capital letters at the beginning of every sentence
  • capital letters for people names and places
  • full stops
  • spellings of tricky words
  • phonetically plausible words (e.g. for the word home- hoam is phonetically plausible, hom is not)
  • words which could be contractions (e.g. I am -> I’m)

We will be writing our own fact files this week and then using our editing skills (we like to do this in red pen!) to make our work even better. We will also be learning about apostrophes for possession.

This is a great video to watch…
We will be using these skills to help us with out writing next week!

Thank you to all those who were able to attend the first internet safety session. Don’t forget there is a second session on Thursday 24th January 9 am at Lodge Lane Infant School.

FOGG are running a film club on Friday 25th January starting at 3pm in the school hall. If your child would like to attend to watch Sing tickets cost £5 and this includes popcorn and a drink. Please see a member of staff to fill in a form.