Reception Blog 28.01.19

This week the story was ‘Hansel and Gretel’

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The children particularly enjoyed acting this out – especially the bit when the witch gets shoved into the oven!!

Their writing is really developing and they are becoming more independent every week. We are focussing on sounding out cvc words e.g. pot, zip, hot so that the children really focus on the sounds they can hear and write them correctly.

In maths we have introduced numicon which is a practical resource for maths. They are plastic shapes that represent numbers 1 – 10.

Image result for numiconThe children enjoyed working with them on Monday and we will continue to use them this week so that they become really familiar with the shapes of the pieces and what they represent. This is all to help with the children securing their knowledge of number.

This week the number of the week is 14

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As our talk topic this week we are discussing holidays the children have been on. This is to get the children to compare similarities and differences between home and where they go on holiday. to help with this at home you could get them to do spot the differences.

thumbnail of spot the difference

Have a good week!