Year 2 blog 28.1.2019

This week in maths we have been recapping 2D shapes. We know that we can use words to talk about the shape of something. 2D shapes can be drawn but not picked up. We also know that some of these shapes have names such as a circle, square, rectangle (sometimes called an oblong), triangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon. We can describe these shapes by stating whether they have curved or straight edges; saying how many edges (or sides) they have; by saying how many corners (or vertices) they have. For example a triangle has 3 straight edges(sides) and 3 corners (vertices). Can you remember how many sides a hexagon has? (Remember hex / six). Can you think of how many sides an octagon has? (Remember how many legs an octopus has!) As part of your home learning you could use different shapes to draw pictures. How many different shapes can you use?

Here’s a great video to watch…


In English this week we have been learning more about the different people that lived inside castles. We have learnt so many interesting facts and we will be using these to create our second piece of non-fiction writing this week.



In science we started to think about solids, liquids and gases . We know that the atoms in solids are really close together, the atoms in liquids are able to move around but are still close together and that the atoms in gases are really spread out. We talking about how some solids can be changed into liquids and some liquids into gases. As part of your home learning you could turn the liquid water into a solid by freezing in. Then turn it back into a liquid by warming up the atoms. If you put the kettle on the children will see the liquid turning into a gas! Here’s a great video to explain the differences…


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