25th February 2019

This week is International Week and we have been learning all about Kenya which is in the continent of Africa. Take a look at some of things we have been up to this week…


We flew around the world to visit all of the 7 continents in Garrick Green Airways. We had to make sure to fasten our seat belts and when there was turbulence we had to get into the safety position! Can you name all 7 continents and share a fact with your adults about each one?


Then we read the story Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne and learnt about some of the fruits which are grown in Africa. We got to taste 7 different fruits…banana, tangerine, papaya, passion fruit, mango, guava and pineapple. We then completed a tally chart to find out what everyone’s favourite fruit was. We used this information to create a bar chart. The we designed and made our own fruit kebab using the fruits we had tried.


Next we went on an African safari to learn about the different animals we might see living in the wild. Safari means journey in Swahili. The children had to use their binoculars to look for animals and then read facts about them. We then created Venn diagrams to sort the animals into those which are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. After this we then wrote a fact file about our favourite African animal.


Then we learnt about the Maasai tribe that like in Kenya. We learnt about some of their traditions and then designed and created Maasai necklaces using geometric patterns and traditional colours.



In music we got the play some African drums and Claire brought in some artifacts from her travels to Africa. What a busy week it has been! We hope you’re children are sharing all of this lovely information with you.


Every week we will be setting a different maths challenge- this will be something that can be done mentally or recorded in the home learning book.

Mrs Ellis has 28 sweets and Mrs Wade has 15. How many do they have altogether?

If Mrs Ellis eats 3 and Mrs Wade eats 3 how many will they have left?

If your child can show us or share the answers with us they could get a team point!


Some parents have asked us about spellings. We don’t do spelling tests but encourage the children to practice their spellings in lots of different ways inducing scribble pictures, learning mnemonics (whack-asauasge = was) and through using their word mats. We will be giving a few words each week on the blog which you are welcome to practice at home. Remember that these can be written in the home learning book. If your child can already spell them can they say them or write them as part of a sentence? This weeks words are…