Year 1 Blog Week Beginning 25.2.19

Hello & welcome back after half-term!

It is International Week at Garrick Green & we have been having a wonderful time learning about Kenya.

We have…

  • been on a plane to visit the different continents
  • been on a safari
  • found out if animals are herbivores, omnivores or carnivores
  • read the story of Handa’s Surprise
  • tasted different fruits
  • made a tally chart
  • made a block graph
  • made a fruit kebab
  • done African drumming with Lindsay
  • compared the weather in Norwich with the weather in Nairobi
  • looked at atlases and maps
  • done puzzles of the world map
  • learnt about the Maasai tribe
  • designed and made Maasai-inspired jewelry
  • and more!


We have been doing phonics and mental maths every day too.


Things you could do at home:

  • Research another African country
  • Look in some information books to find out about your favourite Kenyan animal
  • Work with an adult to make a fruit salad using fruit from the story Handa’s Surprise
  • Look at the labels on fruit to see where they have come from
  • Make an A-Z of fruit
  • See if you can find out where different fruits grow e.g. on bushes, on trees etc.
  • Watch a programme:
  • Find out about herbivore, omnivores and carnivores:
  • Write a thank you letter from Akeyo to Handa for the lovely tangerines