18th March 2019

This week in English we have been rereading the story George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell. Next week we will be retelling the story but changing some of the characters and the setting. Keep an eye out as the children will be bringing their plan home as part of their Big Talk!


In maths we have continued to look at fractions and have moved on to thinking about 2/4 and 3/4. We have continued to use the bar model to help us with this.
As part of your home learning you could draw a picture of 8 fish in a tank. Can you colour 1/4 in red, 1/4 in blue and 2/4 in green?
You could draw twelve flowers and colour 1/4 in red, 2/4 in yellow and 1/4 in purple.
We look forward to seeing these in home learning books!

In science we learnt about the work of Charles Macintosh. We used wax crayons and paint to change the properties of paper. The wax repelled the paint. You can do this at home using crayons or candles. Draw a picture on a piece of white paper then paint over it with some watered down paint. This is great for writing secret messages!


In PE this half term we are playing tri-golf. We have been recapping on the different equipment we use and remembering how to stay safe. Please remember to send in a PE kit each week.


Every week we will be setting a different maths challenge- this will be something that can be done mentally or recorded in the home learning book.

I have 52p. What coins could I have? Can you find three different ways?

If your child can show us or share the answers with us they could get a team point!



Some parents have asked us about spellings. We don’t do spelling tests but encourage the children to practice their spellings in lots of different ways inducing scribble pictures, learning mnemonics (whack-asauasge = was) and through using their word mats. We will be giving a few words each week on the blog which you are welcome to practice at home. Remember that these can be written in the home learning book. If your child can already spell them can they say them or write them as part of a sentence? This weeks words are…










Thursday 21st – Tuesday 26th March- the Book Fair will be in school

Friday 29th March – Film Club (see a member of staff for a letter)