21st March 2019

It has been another busy week in Year 1. The children have been really super at practising for our Spring Fling.



We have been learning poems off by heart and trying to recite them with expression. Do you have a favourite poem or rhyme?

We saw some magpies outside and Mrs B told us a rhyme about them. Some children were very excited to see some ladybirds (bishey barneybees). Sue told us a little rhyme about them too.  Do you know any rhymes or poems about animals?



We have been outside exploring weight and mass. We used a range of language to describe if different objects were heavier, lighter or balanced.



The children’s castles are coming along really well and they have worked hard to learn new DT skills to help them construct them safely.

We are all looking forward to our Historical Workshop tomorrow. Please return any outstanding slips and pay via Scopay. Thank you


If you want some ideas for your home learning…

  • re-write a traditional tale with a twist e.g. Goldilocks and the 3 elephants
  • write a thank you letter to someone
  • send a card to a family member or friend
  • write out all the pairs of numbers that total 10 or 20.


Maths Challenge:

Choose one of these symbols
<, > or =
to make the number sentences correct (Mrs B had to us a question mark because she couldn’t get a square or a circle to work… !)

10 + 2 ? 8 + 3

7 – 3 ? 8 – 4

6 + 6 ?  9 + 5