4th March 2019

First of all we want to say a huge thank you to all those parents, grandparents and carers that were able to make it to the second maths event. We hope you found it useful and will be sending some information home to everyone so that you can support your children at home with division and multiplication. We also want to say thank you for all of your positive feedback and suggestions for future events.







In maths this week we have been looking at fractions. We know that a fraction is a part of something – it can be one thing or a group of things. We also know that fractions have equal parts – this means that all parts are the same.

We have been using concrete resources to find 1/2, 1/4 and a 1/3 of different amounts and also looking at the fractions of shapes.


As part of your home learning you could use toys such as Lego, barbies or cars. Can you find 1/2 of 10? Can you find a 1/3 of 9? Can you find 1/4 of 20?

Here is a fantastic video to watch about fractions…


In English this week we have been reading lots of fiction books. We have looked at the different features of these books and thought about the beginning, build up, problem, resolution and ending. When reading books at home you could ask your child questions such as…. What happened at the beginning? What was the problem in this story and how was it resolved?

We have also heard and seen some very strange things around the school. When we investigated we found an egg! The children think that it may have been left by a dragon so we have been reading the stories such as George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell and Tell Me A Dragon by Jackie Morris and creating our own dragons.


We have also been learning about suffixes- these are letters that come at the end of words. We have learnt about the suffixes -less -ful and -ly. We are hoping that next week the children can write their own short fiction story about a dragon using lots of these lovely words.


In science we have been learning about how to measure temperature. We looked at thermometers and practiced reading the scales accurately. We talked about why it is important to check the temperature of things. https://www.mathsisfun.com/measure/thermometer.html Here is an interactive scale you can use at home.


Every week we will be setting a different maths challenge- this will be something that can be done mentally or recorded in the home learning book.

Mrs Ellis has 12 pairs of socks and hangs them on the washing line. How many socks does she have altogether? 

It’s a very wind day and 4 sock get blown away. How many is she left with? 

If your child can show us or share the answers with us they could get a team point!



Some parents have asked us about spellings. We don’t do spelling tests but encourage the children to practice their spellings in lots of different ways inducing scribble pictures, learning mnemonics (whack-asauasge = was) and through using their word mats. We will be giving a few words each week on the blog which you are welcome to practice at home. Remember that these can be written in the home learning book. If your child can already spell them can they say them or write them as part of a sentence? This weeks words are…









Wednesday 13th March – library van

Friday 15th March – non-uniform in return for an Easter egg

Friday 15th March – Comin Relief bake sale after school 

Friday 29th March – Film Club (see a member of staff for a letter) 


Friday 5th April – last day of term and parent drop-in from 915am


With lots of germs going around school please remember to send your child in with a fresh, clean water bottle every day. Thank you.