Reception Blog 04.03.19

This week we are having the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ by Jan Fearnley. We chose this book because it is pancake day and it has all of the fairy tale characters in that we have met before when we read the books earlier in the year. The message in the story is about making good and bad choices which is a prominent theme in school and there will be a good discussion about the surprising end to the story! The wolf in this story is not like the wolves the children have met in other stories!

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We are also making pancakes, the children will taste them and have a go at flipping them too – great British traditions!

golden pancake in a frying pan

Perfect pancake recipe – http://

In maths this week we are learning about doubles. We will discuss all the times the children have heard the word double e.g. doubledecker, double bed etc. We ill then have a go at doubling numbers practically using cubes, numicon and our fingers.  We are also learning about weighing. The children have looked at a balance scale and have investigated different objects, comparing them to see which was heaviest lightest. They have also used cubes to make the scales balance.

Image result for double decker Image result for balance scale

The number of the week is 18

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We will be continuing to write by doing story scribing, independent sentence writing and writing dictated sentences. We will also be doing phonics as normal.


Have a good week!