Reception Blog 11.03.19

This week the story is You Can’t Eat a Princess by Gillian Rogerson and Sarah McIntyre  

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This story is about Princess Spaghetti who loves chocolate. Her dad gets taken by aliens and it is her mission to save him in time so that he can come to her birthday party. We are hoping that this might encourage the children to try writing lists – either a list of names or party food or anything else relating to the book. We will teach them how to write lists as it is different from writing stories or recounts. At home you could even get the children writing your shopping list this week!

In maths we are learning to share and divide. We are teaching this practically using plates and fruit so that the children can relate to this concept. You can get the children to do this at home when they are playing games and sharing out counters or if they are sharing sweets with their brothers, sisters and friends.

The number of the week is 19.

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We will also continue to write independently, do story scribes and write dictated sentences.

Don’t forget on Friday it is comic relief and there is an optional non-uniform day where the children bring an easter egg in as ‘payment’. There will also be a FOGG cake sale after school.

Have a good week!