Reception Blog 18.03.19

This week the story is Small Knight and George and the Royal Chocolate Cake by Ronda Armitage

Image result for small knight and george and the royal chocolate cake

This story is about solving a problem and also carries on the party theme from last week. Hopefully this will encourage the children to write more lists and we will also talk about wanted posters.

In maths we are learning about halving. We will show the children how to cut things in half and also how to half amounts by sharing the objects between 2.

Image result for halving food

We will also be discussing healthy eating and making sure we have a balanced diet. We will discuss why it is important to eat a range of different foods.

Image result for balanced diet plate dieticial

We will be continuing to write by doing story scribes, dictated sentences and independent sentence writing. Phonic teaching is continuing and the children have daily free flow play both inside and out.

Have a good week!