Year 1 Blog Week Beginning 04.03.18

This week we have been busy beginning to think about Spring! We made seasons wheels to see how time can be measured in seasons and months. Does your child know when their birthday is? It’s a handy thing to know. 🙂

The children have been looking for signs of spring. It is so delightful to see how excited they have been about the flowers such as daffodils, primroses and croci. We have talked about wild flowers and if the children think they should pick them or not… One charity thinks it’s a real shame that children don’t know the names of flowers any more. Read more here:

We have had some shop-bought daffodils and primroses in the classroom for the children to observe before they sketch or paint them. The children have been trying to describe them using adjectives or in phrases. Tyler used a simile “they are like sunshine”. Wow!

Image result for daffodils


First signs of spring spotter sheet

This is a lovely website full of wonderful resources for you to look at if you wish:


In maths we are looking at fact families. We are working up to finding 8 questions for the 3 numbers at the top of the house! The children are getting used to using the same “family” to try to write calculations in different ways e.g. 7=3+4

Image result for fact family houseRelated image

In mental maths we are looking at coins and using money in addition and subtraction.


On Thursday we are going to be celebrating World Book day!

Mrs B is hoping to get a copy of:

Our new author for our Reading for Pleasure sessions is… Mick Inkpen. Doesn’t he have the perfect surname for being an author and illustrator!  Do you know any books by him?

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Ideas for your home learning…

  • Go for a walk and talk about the signs of spring that you see. Can your child identify and name things such as blossom, caktins, buds etc?
  • Go and spend your World Book Day token!
  • Practise saying the months of the years and the days of the week.
  • Make a fact family house
  • Learn to sing your Spring Fling songs
  • Play a game to practise your money skills


Have a lovely rest of your week. We hope to hear all about the signs of spring that you have spotted!