23rd April 2019

Welcome back – we hope you all have a wonderful Easter break. We can’t believe it is the final term of the school year!


This week is science week and the children have been chemists, geologists and biologists. We have been asking and answering scientific questions and have found out the some amazing things! Can your children tell you the answers to these questions…


Can you make a dull coin shiny?

How many drops of water can you fit onto a 1 pence coin?

What living things can you find outside?



As the weather gets warmer we are hoping to be outside more. This will include PE so if you please send in some suitable outdoor shoes- otherwise we will get children to wear their normal school shoes. Thank you.


Pens come in packs of 10. I buy 5 packs. How many do I have?

I give 3 packs away. How many do I have left?

If your child can show us or share the answers with us they could get a team point!



This weeks words are…







***TOMORROW*** Thursday 25th April – Year 2 Reading Event 9am – 10am in the school hall

Friday 26th April – Film Club

Tuesday 30th April – Library van is at school