Reception Blog 22.04.19

Welcome back – we hope you all had a lovely Easter break and we are looking forward to reading the postcards that the children have written over the holidays.


This week is science week across the school.

The book we have chosen for this week is ‘Senses’ – it is a non-fiction book which we haven’t focussed on yet. We will look at the features of non-fiction books e.g. the contents page, photos rather than illustrations, fact instead of fiction.

In Maths we are recapping the teen numbers so we are focussing on number 12 this week as this is one of the teen numbers that is a bit confusing.

This is a game that you can play at home to help with recognition of numbers

In English we will be writing a dictated sentence, continuing with story scribes and revising the phonics we have covered so far.

We will be doing some science activities where we will investigate what happens when you put raisins in lemonade, we will be doing a colour matching investigation and the children will have a workshop led my ‘Mad Science’

Have a good week!