Reception Blog 29th April 2019

This week we are looking at non-fiction books again so the children become really familiar with the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

We are comparing a fiction book ‘The life cycle of a frog’ and a fiction book ‘Frog is Frog’


By comparing these books side by side the different feature will be really clear to the children. We will focus on the contents page and the glossary. It is also a good topic of book because we get a lot of frogs in the Reception outdoor area so the children will know where they can find out more information out about frogs.

In maths we are revising one more and one less than any number up to 20. When we assessed the children before Easter there were a lot of children who had forgotten how to find this out so we will spend time this week refreshing the children with this concept. We will use the giant number line and find the number that is one more and one less, this will be really visual and hopefully will really make it clearer to the children.

The number of the week is 13 – we will be going over all the teen numbers so that the children can recognise them quickly.

The children will be having their hearing and vision checked this week by the nursing team. If you wanted to opt out of this, there is an email address on the original letter sent by the NHS.

We will be continuing to hear the children read, do story scribing, write a dictated sentence and play both inside and outside.


Have a good week!