13th May 2019

This week the children have been recapping on how to write a set of instructions. They have been creating instructions on how to play games, writing instructions on how to build a snowman, thinking about the different features of instructions and learning about imperative (bossy) verbs (e.g. mix the eggs, sit on the floor, fold the paper). Next week they will be planting some seeds and writing instructions on how to do this and also how to make the plant thrive.

In science we have been comparing bulbs and seeds. Can your child share with you the differences between bulbs and seeds? We looked at lots of different types of bulbs and seeds and completed a Venn diagram to show the things that were the same and different.


In maths we have been completing lots of word problems and recapping lots of the things we have already learnt. Can you solve this problem?

Bob has 26 toy cars. His brother Sam gives him another 13. Bob gives 7 of his cars to his friend.

How many toy cars does he have altogether?

Don’t forget to write it in into the Home Learning book and bring it in to show us!



This weeks words are…








The children have been working so hard completing their SATs and we are nearly finished! Please remember that we may not be able to hear your children read as often as normal. Please remember to listen to them read daily and remind them to regularly change their books. We have opportunities for children to do this every day but they are welcome to do so both before and after school. Thank you for your support with this.


Class photos are Monday 20th May

Friday 24th May is the last day of half term