6th May 2019

This week in English we have continued to look at different leaflets and have been planning to write our own. We have thought about the different features and which we would like to include. This week the children will all be creating their very own leaflet to promote the lovely outdoor areas we have here at Garrick Green. What’s your favourite outdoor area at Garrick Green?


In maths we have continued to look at time and quarter to and quarter past the hour. We have been thinking about where the big minute hand is when it is o’clock (12), quarter past (3), half past (6) and quarter to (9).  Here is a great online resource to help with telling the time… http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/clock/

Please continue to look at clocks and the time as part of your home learning. If your child is confident at telling the time to the nearest 15 minutes then you can begin to talk about 5 minute intervals such as 5 past, 10 past etc.

Don’t forget to also talk about digital time as well as analgoue. For example- it is quarter past 12, it’s 12 fifteen  (12:15).



This week we would like the children to write their own maths challenge question. If they bring it in we can share it with the class and see if anyone can work out the correct answer to their problem!

Don’t forget to write it in into the Home Learning book and bring it in to show us!



This weeks words are…







We are now in May and the year 2 children will be doing their Reading and Maths SAT papers over the next few weeks. If your child is poorly or needs time off please come and speak to a member of the year 2 team.

Also during this time we may not be able to hear your children read as often as normal. Please remember to listen to them read daily and remind them to regularly change their books. We have opportunities for children to do this every day but they are welcome to do so both before and after school. Thank you for your support with this.


Class photos are Monday 20th May

Friday 24th May is the last day of half term