Reception Blog 13.05.19

Sorry there was no blog last week as the main focus was artwork to replace the corridor display boards. Every child has done something to contribute to the display. The theme of the displays is Quentin Blake stories and they will be put up over the next few weeks. We will let you know when they are complete so you can come and have a look. The children have spent the beginning of the week putting finishing touches to their artwork in the form of pastels and sequins.

This week we are reading the story ‘Patrick’ by Quentin Blake as this is one of the books that will be part of the corridor display.

Image result for patrick quentin blake

The children will find out all about the wonderful things that happen when Patrick plays his violin.

In maths we will be revisiting sharing objects equally. We will introduce word problems so the children learn how to share in real life situations. We will use objects so that we can work out the answers to these problems.

Here are some examples to try at home:

thumbnail of sharing at home

In maths we are also revisiting length by comparing objects to see which is the longest and the shortest and putting a group of objects in length order. We will also be looking at shapes and making repeating patterns while also remembering the names and the properties of shapes. There are lots of games on education city so that they children can practise these skills at home.

LS class will be on their trip to Pizza Express and the Forum library on Wednesday and will hopefully have a fabulous day. LB class really enjoyed their trip the week before! I’ll try to post some photos next week when both classes have had their visits.

Image result for pizza express

We will be continuing with our normal writing activities: story scribing and writing a dictated sentence, phonics, reading and playing both indoors and outside.

On Thursday and Friday we are swapping the lunch menu.

Have a good week!