3rd June 2019

Welcome back to the final term of Year 2! What an amazing year it’s been so far and we still have lots more to try and squeeze in!


This week is International Week and we have been learning all about India. Can your children share with you which continent this is in? Here’s another reminder of the continents with a very catchy song… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6DSMZ8b3LE


The children this week have been…

  • comparing India and the UK
  • making and baking Naan bread (India) and soda bread (UK)
  • learning about Indian block printing
  • using maps and atlases to label parts of India
  • learning about Sikhs and the 5 Ks
  • learning about a very popular sport which is played in India but originated in the UK!
  • listening and dancing to Bollywood music

We hope your children have enjoyed this week and are keen to share lots of new information with you. A big thank you to all the children and families who have shared photos, clothes and their experiences of India- the children have loved it!

We have a bag of flour weighing 600g. Mrs Ellis weighs out 300g of plain flour to make Naan bread. Mr Whitehead weights out 200g of flour. How much flour is left in the bag? 

Don’t forget to write it in into the Home Learning book and bring it in to show us!



This weeks words are…






North America

South America




Please remember that all children are taking part in different enrichment activities over the next few weeks. All children were given options and we have tried our best to make sure everyone takes part in one of their choices. Please send forms back ASAP.

**THIS FRIDAY** Tri-Golf – Friday 7th June (letters have been sent home)

Sing Up – Friday 14th June (letters have been sent home)

Airport visit – Wednesday 19th June (letters have been sent home)

Norfolk Show Dance – Thursday 27th June (letters have been sent home)

Science Day – Tuesday 2nd July (letters have been sent home)



Monday 10th June is our final maths event. Please come along from 2pm and enjoy a fun maths activity with your child(ren) outside.

Wednesday 10th July – Year 2 concert (RE parents)

Thursday 11th July – Year 2 concert (JW parents)

Friday 12th July – Summer fair

Friday 19th July – Sports day and picnic

Wednesday 24th July – last day of term