Reception Blog week beginning 17.06.19

This week we carried on with stories by Quentin Blake and read ‘Cockatoos’. We are working on comprehension skills and checking that the children understand the stories and whether they can infer meaning. The bookmarks that you have with the reading books will give you ideas of how to do this at home.

We have continued with writing independent sentences, writing dictated sentences and story scribing.


In maths we have been learning about capacity. We have been using the language of full, half full/empty and empty, we have also compared containers and predicted which holds more or less. The children have had lots of water play where they can test their learning out.

This can be practised at home in the bath or when you are cooking.

thumbnail of t-c-254584-everyday-objects-capacity-activity-sheet_ver_3

The children have also been playing both inside and outdoors and making the most of the nice warm weather we are having at the moment!