Week beginning 10.06.19

This week we are recapping online safety so that the children get a top up of information.

The story this week is Chicken Clicking which conveys a lot of the information in a fun way and at the children’s level. There is a lot of other information regarding online safety on the Garrick Green website http://www.garrickgreen.co.uk/online-safety/

We will be continuing to write through story scribes which the children are becoming more and more independent with which is fantastic. We will also be writing dictated sentences.


We will also be practising writing tricky words so that they can be committed to memory and the children can write them without having to look at them.

In maths we are working on telling the time. We are learning to tell the o’clock time and the half past time. So at home when you notice it’s o’clock or half past ask your child to tell you the time by looking at the clock. We have focused on analogue time and not digital.  There are also some time games on education city that can help with this

We will be continuing to play both indoors and outdoors.


Have a good week!