Reception Blog week beginning 15.07.19

This week is sports week so the children will mainly be taking part in lots of different sports activities.

Today we have done Bollywood dancing where all the children dressed up, wore a bindi and learnt how to do a Bollywood dance. There was a bollywood dance teacher who worked with all the children.

We have also had FIT4KIDS in and they taught the children about the traffic light system on food packaging and they also looked at the amount of sugar in foods. They taught the children that it is fine to have some things as treats but not all the time. They also did an exercise circuit with the children so they did press ups, lunges, lying down bicycle legs, windmill arms and squats.

Tomorrow they will have a yoga session with Slanted dance and LB coaching are coming in to do a multiskills workshop.

We will also be practising our opening dance for sports day and the sports day races.

We are also doing our final piece of writing so we can compare it to the first piece of writing they did in Reception and see how much progress they have made.

Don’t forget its sports day on Friday morning and then the whole school family picnic in the afternoon. Fingers crossed for sunshine!