28th October 2019

This week is International week and the children have been extremely busy learning all about the Caribbean!

Fact Finding

Year 2 went on an imaginary safari across the Caribbean to spot some animals that live in the wild! The children found out lots of fascinating facts and wrote some wonderful sentences in their fact booklets. Ask them to tell you what they learnt about!

Comparing the UK and the Caribbean

The children have also looked on Google Earth to see where in the world the UK is and the Caribbean, followed by comparing the similarities and differences between both, looking at houses, beaches , fruit and the weather.


The children have learnt all about Mola Folk Art and have designed their own, choosing one of the Caribbean animals they have learnt about. Instead of using traditional Mola art resources, such as fabric, the children used coloured paper and practised mastering their cutting skills using scissors. They have also made headdresses in preparation for Samba dancing!

Layering coloured paper to make Mola Folk Art

Did you know some new Mola art is inspired by comic book characters? Why not try making some Mola art at home using paper and scissors and making this art work?

Samba with Mrs Morgan

The children will be listening to traditional Caribbean music and learning some dance moves with Mrs Morgan later in the week.


The children will be writing a traditional Caribbean recipe – Banana muffin cakes, which they will be making and eating. Here is the recipe if you would like to try them at home…

Parent Teacher Interviews

Sign up sheets will be available soon. The dates and times are as follows…

Mrs Ellis

Thursday 31st October 2-330pm

Monday 4th November 8.30-10am

Mrs Prophet

Friday 1st November 830-10am

Letters have come home this week about our trip to the Theatre- please return slips ASAP!