Reception Blog 07.10.19

We are starting to have a weekly story where both classes join together, listen to a story and start to act it out. The theme is traditional tales because we would like to introduce the key elements of a traditional tale like the language, the characters, the setting and the events.The story this week is Little Red Riding Hood.

We are also looking at a number of the week and this week the number is 3 – there is an action to go with each number – ask your child to see if they can remember 1 and 2! This is to get the children to know the numbers really well and instantly recognise them and know what the number means.

We are also carrying on with the art work after designing our christmas cards last week. This week the children will be doing self portraits using paint. We will look carefully at the features on our faces and recreate them in a painting. The children will also use technology for a purpose and take selfies using an iPad.

We are starting dough disco this week to build up the children’s fine motor skills so that their fingers will be stronger to write and draw.

We are continuing to assess the children as we’re not quite finished!

You will get the children’s Christmas card designs this week – please order if you would like to and then send the designs back in. The ordering process is quite straight forward using the online system and the code on the Christmas card forms. All designs need to come back to school as they get entered into a competition regardless of if you have ordered them or not.

We have also started Marvellous Me where a child in the class is chosen and each child says a marvellous thing about them. They get to wear a medal and get to be first in the line. They also get to sit in a special chair!

Have a good week!