Reception Blog 14.10.19

This week we are continuing with the theme of traditional stories and the book we are reading this week is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

In maths we are working on counting accurately. We read the book Kipper’s Toybox where we had to help Kipper count his toys accurately. We have taught the children that it is easier to line the objects up and touch each object as you say the number name. If you’d like to practise this at home that would be great. There are also some counting games on Education city.

This weeks number is 4 and the rhyme is 4, 4, knock at the door. The action is knocking at the door.

We are also playing some listening and attention games such as kims game where objects are placed on the floor, the children shut their eyes and we take one away and they have to remember what the objects were and say the missing object and we will do a listening walk where we focus on the sounds we can hear in the environment and try to identify what they are.

Don’t forget to order Christmas cards today and then send the designs back in to enter the competition.

Please send in any spare 5ps for the class bottles and if you shop in Aldi ask for a sports token at the end of your shop – there is a collection pot for these in the library.

Have a good week and we hope you all have a lovely restful half term!