4th November 2019


This week in English we have been looking at things the children may see, hear and smell at firework displays. The children chose a variety of nouns and wrote some fantastic sentences about each one that included describing words (adjectives), words that sound like the thing they are describing (onomatopoeia) and similes. They then created their own poems.


In Mrs Ellis’s class the children have been learning to add and subtract 10 from a given number, adding 2 digits and 1 digit numbers together. The children have been using concrete resources and also drawing pictures to help them solve problems.

First we partition the 24 into tens and ones (2 tens and 4 ones). Then we add the 5 ones. Next we find the total of both columns and add them together. Some children have used pictures like above and others have used resources.
First we partition the 29 into tens and ones (2 tens and 9 ones). Then we add the 6 ones. We have too many ones in the one columns so we have to exchange (swap) some. We know 10 is the magic number so we exchange 10 ones for 1 ten. Finally we find the total of tens and ones and add them together. Again some children have drawn pictures and other have used resources.

In Mrs Prophet’s class the children have been learning 10 more and 10 less of a given number.


This week we have looked at the different animals found in the ocean and which part of the ocean they can be found. For example, did you know that the eel like to live on the seafloor and feed on the dead animals found there?!

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Thursday 7th November – Maths event for RE class 9am

Thursday 7th November – Maths event for HPclass 215pm

Friday 8th November – non-uniform day in return for a tombola prize

Tuesday 12th November – Library van

Friday 15th November – non-uniform day for Children in Need

Friday 22nd November – trip to Norwich Playhouse to see The Scarecrow’s Wedding

Friday 6th December – Christmas fair

Thursday 12th December – Christmas Carols 3-4pm

Friday 13th December – Christmas Jumper day

Monday 16th December – Christmas dinner and Disco 330-5pm

Tuesday 17th December – 915-1130am Parent drop in

Wednesday 18th December – Last day of Autumn term!