Reception Blog 4.11.19

This week the story is ‘Little Red Riding hood’ we will continue to talk about stranger danger plus reminding the children about the language, characters, setting, problem and resolution in the story.

In phonics this week we will be covering: a, b, d, p and qu and the stories will be in the children’s book bags at the end of the week.

Last week we also sent home the first big talk homework – we hope you have all enjoyed discussing the pictures – it is amazing the ideas that the children think of!

In maths we are focussing on counting objects accurately to 10 and even if there are 9 different objects there are still 9 of them – they don’t have to exactly the same to be counted as a group.

We are also going to introduce estimating where the children look at a set of objects and make an informed guess as to how many there are.

We will also look at measuring by comparing the childrens heights and using the comparative height language: tall, taller, tallest.

We will start story scribing this week where the children tell the adult a story and the adult writes what the child says. The more confident the children are with phonics the more writing they will do so when a child is able to hear the sounds in the words they start writing those sounds. At the end of the day the child gets to act their story out.

If there is anything you’d like extra information on then please come and ask.

Have a good week!