Reception Blog week beginning 11.11.19

This week we are starting practising for our nativity play. You don’t need to provide costumes as we have got school costumes so there is no need to raid your tea towel stash!

Some of the children will have speaking roles and we will learn lots of songs which no doubt you will get a sneak preview when the children break into song at home! The children who have speaking lines will get the lines to learn in their book bag – please can you practise at home. The dates for the nativity shows are on the website calendar so please make sure you’re free to come and watch!

We are also learning carols for the carols on the playground event so there will be lots of singing going on in class to get us in the festive mood!

This week in maths the number of the week is 7. We are focusing on using the language more and less and adding groups to find out how many altogether. We are doing this by using practical resources so the children see the concrete representation of this.

We painted self portraits earlier in the term and this week the children will use the computer to create a self portrait using a different medium. They will learn how to use a paint program on the computer.

We have started to do story scribing with the children which is going well – the children are enjoying acting out their stories at the end of the day.

We are continuing with phonics and the children that know a lot of their sounds will be moving to the next stage of phonics phase 3 which introduces the children to diagraphs which are two letters that make one sound.

Hope you have a good week!