W/c 28.10.19

Welcome back!

This week the children have been busy learning about the Caribbean. We have had a great week finding out all about these countries and comparing them to the UK.

On Monday we flew to the Caribbean to join an animal safari. We saw flamingo’s, toucan, jaguar, parrot fish, a green sea turtle and an anaconda! We learnt facts about the animals we saw and used our knowledge to write our own facts sheets.

On Tuesday we learnt about food in the Caribbean and made pineapple and banana muffins. The delicious smell floated through the whole school but we didn’t share!

Wednesday was a creative day and we made headdresses for a Caribbean carnival later in the week. We looked at work by the artist Mola, who layered coloured fabrics to create his designs. We then used paper to create our own masterpieces. A great activity to try at home too.

On Thursday we compared life in the UK and life in the Caribbean. We thought about the weather and which foods grow in each place and the different types of houses that can be found.

We ended the week in style by learning about different types of music in the Caribbean and learnt more about Salsa, Calypso and Reggae. We listened to rhythms and practised keeping a beat. Then we wore our headdresses for a party in the hall. We learned how to salsa and practised dancing to lots of salsa music. Finally we chilled out to by listening to Bob Marley and his reggae music.

We have had a fantastic week so please ask the children about the parts they enjoyed and new things they have learnt.