Reception Blog 2.12.19

This week we will be performing the nativity play to the school and parents. Liz Banner’s class parents can come to watch the nativity on Tuesday at 9.30am in the hall and Lisa Heron’s class parents can come to watch on Wednesday at 9.30am in the hall. If you can’t make the performance on the correct day for your class then just have a word with your child’s teacher as there is some room to swap a little! You’re welcome to go and get a seat in the hall after drop off as long as you don’t mind a little wait. The children have worked hard to learn their lines and songs and we hope you enjoy the show. FOGG provide refreshments following the nativity in the school hall and all the staff come in so please stay if you are able to.

In maths we will recap the numicon shapes by putting them in a feely bag and learning how to recognise them by touch. We will also be counting out two groups of objects and then counting the total to introduce the concept of adding by combining two groups.

We will finish teaching the single sounds in phonics this week then we will assess to see what the children have remembered. After Christmas the children will then be split into phonic groups so that they are progressing at the rate that suits them. We are also learning tricky words this week – these are words that the children have to learn to recognise by sight without sounding them out and blending them together. This week we are learning I, go, to, the, and into.

Don’t forget it’s the school Christmas fair on Friday!

Have a good week!