Reception Blog 13.1.2020

This week we are continuing with traditional tales and the story is The Frog Prince. The children will act this out too. The children’s story scribing is developing well as some of them are using what they learn in the story sessions when they are writing their own stories.

The tricky words for this week are he and she. Please keep practising these as they children need to be able to read and then write them independently. These cannot be sounded out and blended so it is important to recognise them straight away. If you don’t have them on a bookmark in your child’s bookbag please ask one of the EYFS staff.

In maths we are revising counting objects accurately. We will also be making a number line using the numicon and then removing one to see if the children can spot the missing number.

The number of the week is 13 – the children seem to be struggling to remember the teen numbers so please practise these when you can at home.

We will be starting circle time and thinking about good listening skills as an introduction. We will also be learning about teamwork and sharing.

We will be continuing to play both inside and out, hearing readers and doing story scribes.

Please can we ask that the sound games and blend games that we gave out come to school every day so that we can practise them too.

Have a good week!