Week beginning 06.01.20

This week we are revisiting traditional tales and the story is Rumplestiltskin and the children will be acting the story out so they become really familiar with the characters and the language in the stories. They will hopefully remember to use this knowledge when they act out their own stories and also will come through when they are doing their story scribes.

In maths we are looking at making and solving number sentences e.g. 3 + 4 =. We will be introducing the + and = symbols. We will also revise counting objects by lining the objects up and saying one number for each object or physically moving the object when we say the number.

The number of the week is 12. We will also be working on writing the numbers up to 12.

We will also be separating into phonic groups based on the assessments we did at the end of term. Please do not worry about which group they are in as they are getting the teaching that they need at a level that suits them. We will introduce the tricky words into and no.

We will continue to do story scribes, hear readers and play both inside and outside.

The children will also start music this week where they will begin to learn about beat and tempo.

Have a good week!