Reception Blog 14.10.19

This week we are continuing with the theme of traditional stories and the book we are reading this week is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

In maths we are working on counting accurately. We read the book Kipper’s Toybox where we had to help Kipper count his toys accurately. We have taught the children that it is easier to line the objects up and touch each object as you say the number name. If you’d like to practise this at home that would be great. There are also some counting games on Education city.

This weeks number is 4 and the rhyme is 4, 4, knock at the door. The action is knocking at the door.

We are also playing some listening and attention games such as kims game where objects are placed on the floor, the children shut their eyes and we take one away and they have to remember what the objects were and say the missing object and we will do a listening walk where we focus on the sounds we can hear in the environment and try to identify what they are.

Don’t forget to order Christmas cards today and then send the designs back in to enter the competition.

Please send in any spare 5ps for the class bottles and if you shop in Aldi ask for a sports token at the end of your shop – there is a collection pot for these in the library.

Have a good week and we hope you all have a lovely restful half term!

Reception Blog 07.10.19

We are starting to have a weekly story where both classes join together, listen to a story and start to act it out. The theme is traditional tales because we would like to introduce the key elements of a traditional tale like the language, the characters, the setting and the events.The story this week is Little Red Riding Hood.

We are also looking at a number of the week and this week the number is 3 – there is an action to go with each number – ask your child to see if they can remember 1 and 2! This is to get the children to know the numbers really well and instantly recognise them and know what the number means.

We are also carrying on with the art work after designing our christmas cards last week. This week the children will be doing self portraits using paint. We will look carefully at the features on our faces and recreate them in a painting. The children will also use technology for a purpose and take selfies using an iPad.

We are starting dough disco this week to build up the children’s fine motor skills so that their fingers will be stronger to write and draw.

We are continuing to assess the children as we’re not quite finished!

You will get the children’s Christmas card designs this week – please order if you would like to and then send the designs back in. The ordering process is quite straight forward using the online system and the code on the Christmas card forms. All designs need to come back to school as they get entered into a competition regardless of if you have ordered them or not.

We have also started Marvellous Me where a child in the class is chosen and each child says a marvellous thing about them. They get to wear a medal and get to be first in the line. They also get to sit in a special chair!

Have a good week!

The First Reception Blog

Welcome to the first blog of the year!

Thank you for all helping to make the first couple of weeks run smoothly – we think it has all gone really well!

We really appreciate that you are trying to encourage the children’s independence by saying goodbye on the playground and them walking round to the classroom with their teacher. They majority of the children settle quickly and seem to be happy at school which is great! The ones who are a little upset coming into school normally take an extra 5 minutes to adjust and then they seem to settle and play happily with the rest of the class.

We have been listening to stories and getting used to the classroom and the outside area. The children are getting to grips with the daily routines and getting to know their fellow class mates. It is nice to see some friendships developing. This point in the year is really important time for developing social skills which the majority of the children are doing really well with.

We are assessing the children at the moment to see where in the Early Years foundation stage they are so that when we start teaching we know what each of the children need.

This week the children are making Christmas cards. We will send your child’s design home and there will be a letter explaining how to order these.

We hope you have made it to one of the curriculum talks but if you want to know anything else please speak to a member of the Reception team.

We are collecting 5ps for fundraising so if you have any spare please send them in – we have a bottle in the classroom to collect them.

Please remember there are flu vaccines on Friday.

We are also collecting the Aldi sports cards.

Have a good week!

Reception Blog week beginning 15.07.19

This week is sports week so the children will mainly be taking part in lots of different sports activities.

Today we have done Bollywood dancing where all the children dressed up, wore a bindi and learnt how to do a Bollywood dance. There was a bollywood dance teacher who worked with all the children.

We have also had FIT4KIDS in and they taught the children about the traffic light system on food packaging and they also looked at the amount of sugar in foods. They taught the children that it is fine to have some things as treats but not all the time. They also did an exercise circuit with the children so they did press ups, lunges, lying down bicycle legs, windmill arms and squats.

Tomorrow they will have a yoga session with Slanted dance and LB coaching are coming in to do a multiskills workshop.

We will also be practising our opening dance for sports day and the sports day races.

We are also doing our final piece of writing so we can compare it to the first piece of writing they did in Reception and see how much progress they have made.

Don’t forget its sports day on Friday morning and then the whole school family picnic in the afternoon. Fingers crossed for sunshine!

Reception Blog week beginning 08.07.19

This week the children had the traditional tale ‘The Magic Porridge pot’ – they acted the story out as normal and had a discussion about breakfast cereals and healthy eating.

In maths we recapped addition and subtraction. We used our skills to solve word problems. The children used cubes to support them.

thumbnail of word problems

We have also watched the Year 2 leavers concert and the children loved it. They even made their own hats and made up their own concert after they had watched – just to be like the Year 2s!

We have continued to read and write both independently and dictated sentences.

Don’t forget the summer fair is tonight 4 – 7pm! Come and have a look at your child’s learning journey in the classroom and you are also welcome to go and see your child’s new teacher and classroom.


Have a good weekend!

Week beginning 01.07.19

This week the children have had the story ‘Winnie and Wilbur which was about Winnie casting spells on her cat Wilbur because he was difficult to see and she kept tripping over him. Wilbur wasn’t happy that Winnie had turned him all different colours so in the end Winnie made the house multicoloured instead so that Wilbur could be seen and was happy in the end.


In maths we have been looking at weight using balance scales. We have been using the language heavy and light and comparing different objects. We have also revisited other different measures such as height and capacity.

We have also been continuing to read, do phonics and write both independently and write dictated sentences.

The children have also been to visit their Year 1 class and teacher.


Have a good weekend!

Reception Blog week beginning 17.06.19

This week we carried on with stories by Quentin Blake and read ‘Cockatoos’. We are working on comprehension skills and checking that the children understand the stories and whether they can infer meaning. The bookmarks that you have with the reading books will give you ideas of how to do this at home.

We have continued with writing independent sentences, writing dictated sentences and story scribing.


In maths we have been learning about capacity. We have been using the language of full, half full/empty and empty, we have also compared containers and predicted which holds more or less. The children have had lots of water play where they can test their learning out.

This can be practised at home in the bath or when you are cooking.

thumbnail of t-c-254584-everyday-objects-capacity-activity-sheet_ver_3

The children have also been playing both inside and outdoors and making the most of the nice warm weather we are having at the moment!


Week beginning 10.06.19

This week we are recapping online safety so that the children get a top up of information.

The story this week is Chicken Clicking which conveys a lot of the information in a fun way and at the children’s level. There is a lot of other information regarding online safety on the Garrick Green website

We will be continuing to write through story scribes which the children are becoming more and more independent with which is fantastic. We will also be writing dictated sentences.


We will also be practising writing tricky words so that they can be committed to memory and the children can write them without having to look at them.

In maths we are working on telling the time. We are learning to tell the o’clock time and the half past time. So at home when you notice it’s o’clock or half past ask your child to tell you the time by looking at the clock. We have focused on analogue time and not digital.  There are also some time games on education city that can help with this

We will be continuing to play both indoors and outdoors.


Have a good week!


Week beginning 10.06.19

This week the book is The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The children have been showing a real interest in mini beasts so we thought this would be a good story to focus on. We will also discuss the life cycle of a butterfly. The children are seing more and more of them outside so it will be good to understand the life cycle.


We will be continuing to do writing through story scribing, writing dictated sentences and independently writing our own sentences.

In maths we are revisiting shapes by looking at the properties and then the children might create models, pictures and patterns using 2D and 3D shapes. We will also be looking at coins and making amounts by adding the coins together. We will have a pretend toy shop and the children will have to use the right coins to add up to the price of the toy.

thumbnail of toy shop

We are having a focus on being able to write the tricky words that the children have learnt to sight read. If you want to practise this at home here is the mat – we are only working on Phase 2 and 3 but we will be doing some phase 4 this half term.

thumbnail of tricky words

Have a good week!