Reception Blog 13.1.2020

This week we are continuing with traditional tales and the story is The Frog Prince. The children will act this out too. The children’s story scribing is developing well as some of them are using what they learn in the story sessions when they are writing their own stories.

The tricky words for this week are he and she. Please keep practising these as they children need to be able to read and then write them independently. These cannot be sounded out and blended so it is important to recognise them straight away. If you don’t have them on a bookmark in your child’s bookbag please ask one of the EYFS staff.

In maths we are revising counting objects accurately. We will also be making a number line using the numicon and then removing one to see if the children can spot the missing number.

The number of the week is 13 – the children seem to be struggling to remember the teen numbers so please practise these when you can at home.

We will be starting circle time and thinking about good listening skills as an introduction. We will also be learning about teamwork and sharing.

We will be continuing to play both inside and out, hearing readers and doing story scribes.

Please can we ask that the sound games and blend games that we gave out come to school every day so that we can practise them too.

Have a good week!

Week beginning 06.01.20

This week we are revisiting traditional tales and the story is Rumplestiltskin and the children will be acting the story out so they become really familiar with the characters and the language in the stories. They will hopefully remember to use this knowledge when they act out their own stories and also will come through when they are doing their story scribes.

In maths we are looking at making and solving number sentences e.g. 3 + 4 =. We will be introducing the + and = symbols. We will also revise counting objects by lining the objects up and saying one number for each object or physically moving the object when we say the number.

The number of the week is 12. We will also be working on writing the numbers up to 12.

We will also be separating into phonic groups based on the assessments we did at the end of term. Please do not worry about which group they are in as they are getting the teaching that they need at a level that suits them. We will introduce the tricky words into and no.

We will continue to do story scribes, hear readers and play both inside and outside.

The children will also start music this week where they will begin to learn about beat and tempo.

Have a good week!

Reception Blog 16.12.19

This week we are in full Christmas mode – we will be making reindeer biscuits (see recipe below), mixing up reindeer food to sprinkle outside on Christmas eve and we have the story cafe and open morning on Tuesday. There was a letter in book bags with more details about this last week.

We will be reading Christmas stories, doing story scribing and also the children will be learning through play as normal too.

All children will either bring home a sound or a blend game. Those children who do not have a sound or a blend game will already have been given their first reading book. Please keep playing these games or hearing the children read over the holidays. The children will also be bringing home a handwriting booklet to practice writing their letters.

Well done to all the children for making an excellent start at Garrick Green – they’ve all managed to make it through their first term and most are still smiling!

We hope you all have a well deserved Christmas break – see you in 2020!

Recipe for the Reindeer biscuits:

Reception Blog 9.12.19

This week we are reading different Christmas stories to get us all in the festive mood! The children all did brilliantly in their nativity last week – we hoped you enjoyed the show!

This week we are doing assessments all week to see what the children have learnt and remembered from this term so we know what to cover next term. While we are doing assessments the children are still learning through play.

Please come to carols on the playground if you can – the children have learnt even more songs!

Don’t forget next Tuesday we are doing a story cafe in the hall for Reception on Tuesday morning at 9.10 and then following this you are welcome to stay and come into the classrooms to look at their learning journeys and see how they play!

Have a good week!

Reception Blog 2.12.19

This week we will be performing the nativity play to the school and parents. Liz Banner’s class parents can come to watch the nativity on Tuesday at 9.30am in the hall and Lisa Heron’s class parents can come to watch on Wednesday at 9.30am in the hall. If you can’t make the performance on the correct day for your class then just have a word with your child’s teacher as there is some room to swap a little! You’re welcome to go and get a seat in the hall after drop off as long as you don’t mind a little wait. The children have worked hard to learn their lines and songs and we hope you enjoy the show. FOGG provide refreshments following the nativity in the school hall and all the staff come in so please stay if you are able to.

In maths we will recap the numicon shapes by putting them in a feely bag and learning how to recognise them by touch. We will also be counting out two groups of objects and then counting the total to introduce the concept of adding by combining two groups.

We will finish teaching the single sounds in phonics this week then we will assess to see what the children have remembered. After Christmas the children will then be split into phonic groups so that they are progressing at the rate that suits them. We are also learning tricky words this week – these are words that the children have to learn to recognise by sight without sounding them out and blending them together. This week we are learning I, go, to, the, and into.

Don’t forget it’s the school Christmas fair on Friday!

Have a good week!

Reception Blog Week beginning 18.11.19

This week we are in full nativity practice mode! We are trying hard to learn all the songs, our lines and do a little bit of acting. The children will look amazing in their costumes and they are working on building their confidence in speaking in front of an audience.

We are doing the NSPCC pants lesson which is all about keeping your privates private so there might be a few discussions that arise at home.

We are getting to the end of the single sounds in phonics and the children seem to be doing really well at remembering the ones we have covered so far – please keep practising them at home too.

In maths the number of the week is 9 and we are learning more about the numicon shapes and being able to recognise the number they represent straight away instead of having to count the holes.

We will be continuing to do independent writing, story scribing and playing both inside and out too.

The children all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the theatre visit on Friday and they behaved impeccably.

There is another non-uniform day on Friday to raise money to go towards planting another tree to replace the one that was blown down in the storm.

Have a good week!

Reception Blog 18.11.19

This week the story is The Christmas Show

It is all about the school nativity play which we started practising last week. We will also have The Christmas Story so the children hear the story of the first Christmas.

The children will bring their lines home this week so please can you help your child to practise and learn their lines. They are learning more songs for our play at school too.

In maths we are looking at comparing groups and using the language of more/less and most/least. We are also looking at different ways to arrange a number e.g. 6 can be made from 2 + 2 + 2 or 3 lines of 2 (3 x 2). We will use the numicon to help. We sometimes line up objects to make this clear, here is an example:

Image result for numicon arrays

The number of the week is 8.

On Friday we have our trip to the playhouse theatre to see The Scarecrows Wedding which the children area really looking forward to. Don’t forget to send in a packed lunch from home if you haven’t ordered a school packed lunch on Friday.

We will continue with phonics and we have nearly got through all of the single sounds. If you’d like to do some phonics at home here are a couple of webiste/apps that might be helpful:

There are also lots of phonic games on education city which you have logins for.

Have a good week!

Reception Blog week beginning 11.11.19

This week we are starting practising for our nativity play. You don’t need to provide costumes as we have got school costumes so there is no need to raid your tea towel stash!

Some of the children will have speaking roles and we will learn lots of songs which no doubt you will get a sneak preview when the children break into song at home! The children who have speaking lines will get the lines to learn in their book bag – please can you practise at home. The dates for the nativity shows are on the website calendar so please make sure you’re free to come and watch!

We are also learning carols for the carols on the playground event so there will be lots of singing going on in class to get us in the festive mood!

This week in maths the number of the week is 7. We are focusing on using the language more and less and adding groups to find out how many altogether. We are doing this by using practical resources so the children see the concrete representation of this.

We painted self portraits earlier in the term and this week the children will use the computer to create a self portrait using a different medium. They will learn how to use a paint program on the computer.

We have started to do story scribing with the children which is going well – the children are enjoying acting out their stories at the end of the day.

We are continuing with phonics and the children that know a lot of their sounds will be moving to the next stage of phonics phase 3 which introduces the children to diagraphs which are two letters that make one sound.

Hope you have a good week!