Reception Blog 04.02.19

This week the story is ‘Cowboy Baby.’ It is set in the desert so we will compare the setting with where we live to make the children aware of similarities and differences between places.

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In maths we are revisiting adding as the children need more practice with this area. We will use numicon and blocks so that the children have a practical experience of adding. We will also introduce recording the addition number sentence.

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There are lots of addition games on education city e.g. beach holiday –

You can also do addition practically with any objects you have at home or at tea time e.g.  I have 3 potatoes and you have 2 – how many potatoes do we have altogether?

We will continue to write independently, do story scribing and write a dictated sentence. You can practice this at home by getting your child to write a simple sentence e.g. I was in the car. You can make it more difficult depending on how your child gets on with the task. They do not have to spell everything correctly but as long as they use their phonic skills that is fine. This is to practice letter formation, using finger spaces, remembering a sentence and using full stops.

The children are continuing phonics in their groups and we will learn 2 new tricky words – she and me from Phase 3.

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Please make sure that all children have a full set of spare clothes on their pegs at school.


Have a good week!


Reception Blog 28.01.19

This week the story was ‘Hansel and Gretel’

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The children particularly enjoyed acting this out – especially the bit when the witch gets shoved into the oven!!

Their writing is really developing and they are becoming more independent every week. We are focussing on sounding out cvc words e.g. pot, zip, hot so that the children really focus on the sounds they can hear and write them correctly.

In maths we have introduced numicon which is a practical resource for maths. They are plastic shapes that represent numbers 1 – 10.

Image result for numiconThe children enjoyed working with them on Monday and we will continue to use them this week so that they become really familiar with the shapes of the pieces and what they represent. This is all to help with the children securing their knowledge of number.

This week the number of the week is 14

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As our talk topic this week we are discussing holidays the children have been on. This is to get the children to compare similarities and differences between home and where they go on holiday. to help with this at home you could get them to do spot the differences.

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Have a good week!

Reception Blog 21.1.19

This week the story of the week is ‘The Enormous Turnip’ The children throughly enjoyed acting this story out and working together! There is a strong message of temwork in this story which the children have been echoing in their play.

The children will be writing a dictated sentence as well as doing an independent sentence and their own story through story scribing. The children are becoming much more confident acting thier own stories out and they are gradually getting the idea that the more characters that they write about, the more of their friends they can choose to act their story out.

In maths this week we are learning how to subtract/take away. We will do this practically using objects and physically taking objects away. We will also use the numberline and finding the answer by counting back. There are some good games on education city to play:

The number of the week is 13.

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In cooking this week the recipe is for Raisn cookies – we had one comment yesterday that they were the nicest ones so far!! Have the others been that bad?!

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 Please click here for the recipe – Raisin Cookies

Have a good week!

Reception Blog 14.1.19

Image result for snow white and the seven dwarfsThis week the story of the week is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We are sticking to traditional tales to encourage the children to use the language in these stories and also to get the idea of the structure of traditional tales.

We are also continuing to write sentences both independently and supported. The children will also be writing another dictated sentence. This will all help to develop the children’s writing skills including phonics, letter formation, using finger spaces and full stops.

If you need any more info on phonics to support your child at home there are videos by Mr Thorne on you tube covering the sounds we teach in school. Some of the children have started learning diagraphs which is where two letters make one sound e.g. ch, sh and oa.
He also has a whole website for help and support:

In Maths we are learning how to add 2 numbers together. We will do this practically with objects and also by putting the biggest number in our head and counting on either using our fingers or a numberline. There are some games on Education city that will support this e.g. Beach holiday. We will also be comparing lengths and heights.

The number of the week is number 12

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The recipe for cooking in class this week is Anzac biscuits:

Don’t forget the online safety meeting for parents at Garrick Green on Tuesday 15th Januaryat 7pm.
There are plenty of website links on our website that will give you more infomation about ways to keep safe online.