5th April 2019


This is Pantosaurus!

Image result for pantosaurus

The children were absolutely fantastic during our Year One lessons about Pantosaurus. They have learnt about the correct names for body parts. We talked about the people who we can trust and each children thought of lots of adults they can trust at home and at school. You’ve probably already talked to your child about things like crossing the road safely. Talking to them about staying safe from abuse is just as easy with the NSPCC PANTS rules.

Image result for pants acronym nspcc


In our other lessons we have been thinking about the Easter story. We have read, watched and listened to different versions and discussed the main events. The children have reflected on why the Easter story is special to Christians. Then we looked at religious and non-religious Easter symbols to help us design Easter cards.



It has been a wonderful Spring Term and we can’t believe how quickly it has flown by! Your child has some letters in their book bag so do take a look. We hope you have a wonderful Easter break.







28th March 2019

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments and kind words about the Spring Fling. The children performed wonderfully and should be very proud of themselves.

This week in English we have been continuing our work on the story of The Frog Prince. It has been lots of fun retelling the story with the children, especially listening their adjectives to describe the poor old frog prince!

Image result for the frog prince


In maths we have been doing some assessments. As well as this we have been looking at using the equals sign as a balance between two calculations.
For example 3+2=4+1 or 15-2=20-7
This gets a whole lot trickier when… a number is hidden!

In Topic we wrote up about our exciting visitor from Friday’s workshop.

Next week:

We will have the NSPCC pants lesson where the children will watch the Pantasaurus animation and we will talk about good and bad touch and explaining that what is inside their pants is private.

There is more information for parents here – http://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/underwear-rule/


Tuesday 2nd April -Library Van will be coming to school

The Norse Taster Session is at 1.45 for those of you who returned your slips.


Friday 5th April -open classroom from 9.15 until 11.00 (Last day of term!)

21st March 2019

It has been another busy week in Year 1. The children have been really super at practising for our Spring Fling.



We have been learning poems off by heart and trying to recite them with expression. Do you have a favourite poem or rhyme?

We saw some magpies outside and Mrs B told us a rhyme about them. Some children were very excited to see some ladybirds (bishey barneybees). Sue told us a little rhyme about them too.  Do you know any rhymes or poems about animals?



We have been outside exploring weight and mass. We used a range of language to describe if different objects were heavier, lighter or balanced.



The children’s castles are coming along really well and they have worked hard to learn new DT skills to help them construct them safely.

We are all looking forward to our Historical Workshop tomorrow. Please return any outstanding slips and pay via Scopay. Thank you


If you want some ideas for your home learning…

  • re-write a traditional tale with a twist e.g. Goldilocks and the 3 elephants
  • write a thank you letter to someone
  • send a card to a family member or friend
  • write out all the pairs of numbers that total 10 or 20.


Maths Challenge:

Choose one of these symbols
<, > or =
to make the number sentences correct (Mrs B had to us a question mark because she couldn’t get a square or a circle to work… !)

10 + 2 ? 8 + 3

7 – 3 ? 8 – 4

6 + 6 ?  9 + 5




Week Beginning 11th March


We have begun to write our own poems inspired by Spring.


The children have been continuing their work on fact families.


The children have been taught how to use tools safely whilst building their own castles! This project will continue next week.


Dates for your diaries:

Friday 15th March – non-uniform in return for an Easter egg

Friday 15th March – Comic Relief bake sale after school


Monday 18th March -Year One Reading Event in the hall 2.15-2.55

Friday 22nd March- Castle Workshop- please pay via Scopay online

Thursday 21st – Tuesday 26th March- the Book Fair will be in school

Friday 29th March – Film Club (see a member of staff for a letter) 


Friday 5th April – last day of term and parent drop-in from 9.15am


With lots of germs going around school please remember to send your child in with a fresh, clean water bottle every day. Thank you.

Year 1 Blog Week Beginning 04.03.18

This week we have been busy beginning to think about Spring! We made seasons wheels to see how time can be measured in seasons and months. Does your child know when their birthday is? It’s a handy thing to know. 🙂

The children have been looking for signs of spring. It is so delightful to see how excited they have been about the flowers such as daffodils, primroses and croci. We have talked about wild flowers and if the children think they should pick them or not… One charity thinks it’s a real shame that children don’t know the names of flowers any more. Read more here: https://www.plantlife.org.uk/wildflowerhunt/

We have had some shop-bought daffodils and primroses in the classroom for the children to observe before they sketch or paint them. The children have been trying to describe them using adjectives or in phrases. Tyler used a simile “they are like sunshine”. Wow!

Image result for daffodils


First signs of spring spotter sheet

This is a lovely website full of wonderful resources for you to look at if you wish:



In maths we are looking at fact families. We are working up to finding 8 questions for the 3 numbers at the top of the house! The children are getting used to using the same “family” to try to write calculations in different ways e.g. 7=3+4

Image result for fact family houseRelated image

In mental maths we are looking at coins and using money in addition and subtraction.


On Thursday we are going to be celebrating World Book day!


Mrs B is hoping to get a copy of:

Our new author for our Reading for Pleasure sessions is… Mick Inkpen. Doesn’t he have the perfect surname for being an author and illustrator!  Do you know any books by him?

Image result for kipperRelated image


Ideas for your home learning…

  • Go for a walk and talk about the signs of spring that you see. Can your child identify and name things such as blossom, caktins, buds etc?
  • Go and spend your World Book Day token!
  • Practise saying the months of the years and the days of the week.
  • Make a fact family house
  • Learn to sing your Spring Fling songs
  • Play a game to practise your money skills https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/5-7-years/money


Have a lovely rest of your week. We hope to hear all about the signs of spring that you have spotted!

Year 1 Blog Week Beginning 25.2.19

Hello & welcome back after half-term!

It is International Week at Garrick Green & we have been having a wonderful time learning about Kenya.

We have…

  • been on a plane to visit the different continents
  • been on a safari
  • found out if animals are herbivores, omnivores or carnivores
  • read the story of Handa’s Surprise
  • tasted different fruits
  • made a tally chart
  • made a block graph
  • made a fruit kebab
  • done African drumming with Lindsay
  • compared the weather in Norwich with the weather in Nairobi
  • looked at atlases and maps
  • done puzzles of the world map
  • learnt about the Maasai tribe
  • designed and made Maasai-inspired jewelry
  • and more!


We have been doing phonics and mental maths every day too.


Things you could do at home:

  • Research another African country
  • Look in some information books to find out about your favourite Kenyan animal
  • Work with an adult to make a fruit salad using fruit from the story Handa’s Surprise
  • Look at the labels on fruit to see where they have come from
  • Make an A-Z of fruit
  • See if you can find out where different fruits grow e.g. on bushes, on trees etc.
  • Watch a programme: https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/shows/mystory
  • Find out about herbivore, omnivores and carnivores: https://www.bbc.com/bitesize/articles/z96vb9q
  • Write a thank you letter from Akeyo to Handa for the lovely tangerines

Week beginning 11.02.19

This week in English we have been learning facts about different castles around the UK. We have been looking at them using Google Earth and by looking at different photos. For the English castle we learnt about… Norwich Castle! Have you ever been to see it? You can walk around in what would’ve been the moat even if you don’t go inside to see the museum.

Don’t forget to send us a photo of you if you visit! garrickgreenyear1@gmail.com
Let’s see how many photos we can get of you with Norwich castle in!

If you would like to find out more then there are some facts here:

If your child would like to write, please remind them to use all of their writing skills such as finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. Don’t forget to encourage your child to form their letters properly! Mrs B’s class like this: http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/skyWriter/index.html

Your child has resources in the front of their Home Learning books to help them too.

In Maths we have been finding one more or one less than a given number. Some children have been using a numberline to work with numbers up to 30. Some children have been using a hundred square with numbers up to 100. Some children are beginning to work with numbers beyond one hundred. The children need a really secure understanding of this as they are sometimes asked really tricky questions such as “17 is the number that is one less than… ” or “Teddy thinks of a number. He says that one more than his number is 25. What was Teddy’s number?”

There is a game here to play:


Playing board games or card games can be a really fun way to sneak some extra maths practise in. Mrs B’s own children like Pass the Pigs (You can use a 100 square to add up the score as you go!) and Uno. Mrs Prophet recommends Ludo and Snakes and Ladders!


In Topic the children looked at new and old objects and thought about what might’ve been used in a castle. The children have worked hard to work together to create a beautiful scene of Garrick Castle. These are nearly finished and up on display.

Don’t forget it’s non-uniform/dress in red/pink on Thursday. Please bring £1 which will help buy food for the food the food bank.


We hope you have a happy & healthy half term!
The Year One Team

Year 1 Blog 31.01.19

Brrrrr! What a chilly week we have had so far. Well done for wrapping up warmly every day.


Image result for question words twinkl

This week in English we have been working on asking and answering questions. We have learnt about what each of the six main question words mean and how they might be answered. For example a question that starts with “Who” will have an answer about a person or character.  We have begun to write our questions for characters from the tale of The  Three Little Pigs.


In Maths we have been investigating the pairs of numbers that total 5, 10 or 20. These facts are really important and,  by the end of Year 2, children need to know these with “instant recall”.


Image result for numicon in balance scales



Next week in Year 1 we will be busy doing some of our regular phonics assessments. This means that your child might not read their “teacher book” to an adult. We will make sure they have plenty of opportunities to change their books in the library.

Image result for phonics check words


Don’t forget that we are still keen for photos of your child in different parts of the UK. We will be very impressed if you can get a photo with a flag or coat of arms in! So, if you go anywhere interesting in Norwich or Norfolk (or further afield), please share some photos with us so we can add them to our UK display boards in class! These can be given to a member of staff or emailed to garrickgreenyear1@gmail.com.

Image result for norwich coat of arms


Year One Blog 14.1.19

This week in English we have had a little visitor… it was an elf! We read the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker. The children talked about the new language and vocabulary including the time words such as first, later, dawn, dusk, finally etc.

Today we got two tiny letters. Mrs Prophet’s class got a tiny letter from Eric the Elf and Mrs B’s class got a tiny letter from Elsie the Elf. We have begun to write letters back to them suggesting what adventure they could have next.

We read Mrs B’s very old book of The Elves and the Shoemaker story. We liked the little hats they had on!
Image result for elves and the shoemaker read it yourself

Some children have begun to design their own shoes and label these.

In maths we have been looking at Dienes blocks (tens and ones!) and ten frames. These resources are great for the children to handle and use to explore different mathematical concepts.

Image result for ten frames

Image result for dienes blocks twinkl

Photos please!

Image result for map of the uk

In each of our classrooms we have a display board that has a map of the United Kingdom

If you go anywhere interesting in Norwich or Norfolk (or further afield), please share some photos with us so we can add them to our UK display boards in class! These can be given to a member of staff or emailed to garrickgreenyear1@gmail.com.