27th June

This week in English the children have LOVED using the story Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. We have enjoyed watching this version of the book: https://www.worldbookday.com/videos/dear-zoo/

They have planned and written their own versions with different animals. What did your child draw for their perfect pet?

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In Maths we have been learning to tell the time. Some children are practising reading and making o’clock times, some children are learning half past times, others are learning quarter to and quarter past times. A few can tell the time and are starting to solve simple problems. Please help your child by practising at home.

Image result for tell the time

Please talk to your child about what time you do things at home e.g when you have breakfast, leave the house, bath time, bedtime  etc.

In topic, the children have been looking at different types of plants, labelling them and sketching them too. They went into the beautiful garden at the front of the school to look at all of the different types of plants growing there.


Dates for your diaries:

Summer Fair – Friday 12th July 

Sports week – Monday 15th July (all week)

Sports Day & Family Picnic – Friday 19th July

Last day of term – Wednesday 24th July

19th June 2019

Welcome to this week’s Year One blog.

This week we have been learning about writing facts in English. We have been finding out about different types of animals e.g. mammals, reptiles etc. The children are trying hard to use capital letters at the start of sentences, finger spaces between each word and remembering to put a full stop at the end.

In maths we have been exploring positional and directional language. The children have learnt about left and right, quarter turns, clockwise and anticlockwise. We had lots of fun outside being “human Beebots”!

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In topic, the children made scrumptious sandwiches with their choice of filling.  Maybe you could make a sandwich and take it on an adventure in the Great Outdoors. Remember to send us a photo of what you get up to when you’re out and about!



This week we will be revisiting e-safety and discussing our prior learning about staying safe.

There is information for parents and carers here:



Ideas for your home learning:

Talk about how to stay safe online

Discuss your family’s rules for using technology safely and responsibly

Design and create a sandwich for a real or fictional person

Go for a walk in Catton Park or a similar place and see what sorts of creatures and plants you can spot

Practise telling the time to o’clock and half-past

Practise counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s

Go to your local library and choose an information book about an animal you find particularly fascinating

Write a story about an animal who has an adventure



Dates for your diaries:

Tuesday 25th June -Library Van



Summer Fair – Friday 12th July

Sports week – Monday 15th July (all week)

Sports Day & Family Picnic – Friday 19th July

Last day of term – Wednesday 24th July

International Week

Namaste! Welcome to the Year One blog.

This week at Garrick Green it has been International Week. Our focus country has been… India!


We have learnt about the geography of India and drawn and created maps.

Image result for map of india

In art we have been exploring the technique of printing.

We have been recording the weather daily and comparing Norwich to New Delhi. (Spoiler alert: It was super hot!)

We used our maths skills to measure ingredients to make naan bread. Some children asked for the recipe to be shared so here it is:


How to make an Indian naan bread

You will need:

300g plain flour (extra to dust)

¾ teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

½ teaspoon salt

1 ½ teaspoon sugar

4 tablespoon milk

4 tablespoon plain yogurt

15g melted butter (extra to brush)




Preheat oven to highest setting.

Place a baking sheet on the top shelf to heat through.


Mix together all the dry ingredients.

Make a well in the middle and add your wet ingredients with 85-90ml of water.

Bring together with your hands into a dough.

Knead quickly until smooth.


Flour surface.

Roll out into 0.75cm thick naan breads.

Pat off excess flour.

Place onto baking sheets.

Cook for 2-4 minutes.

Brush with melted butter.

Serve hot





On Friday, we will be playing cricket and learning about a famous cricket player for our history lesson.

Huge thanks to Brawin’s Mummy and big sister for coming to talk to us about life in India and Sri Lanka. It was a fantastic talk and we all learnt so much.

In English we went outside on a hunt for lost words! We are using this book as an inspiration.

The Lost Words

We found: otter, adder, newt, kingfisher, starling, heron.
When we went back indoors we looked at images and videos of the different creatures. We went on the RSPB website and listened to the noises the birds make. We wrote ideas and questions on post-it notes. Some children did some research in the library.  We are using the lost words as inspiration for our own acrostic poems.


In maths we are continuing to work on repeated addition and starting to look at making equal sets

e.g. 3 sets of two 

Image result for three pairs of cherries




Please help your child check that their PE kit still fits and they can take it on and off independently. They will need plimsolls or trainers to wear for outdoor PE.





Friday 24th May is the last day of half term and we come back to school on Monday 3rd June for our final International week.


Wednesday 19th is our final reading event. We will send you a flyer closer to the time with more information.


We hope you have a lovely half term full of wild outdoor adventures. Do send us photos of you on your travels in the UK. We would love to add them to our boards for the last half-term.





Art Week and Quentin Blake

Welcome to this week’s Year One blog. We have had another happy, busy week doing lots of new learning. Last week was art week and we have been reading and enjoying books by… Quentin Blake! The children have been sketching and painting a range of art work inspired by Quentin Blake’s illustrations. These pieces of work will be used to form some exciting new corridor displays. (Farewell Barry the Fish with Fingers and Norman the Slug! )

'Monster Readers' mural artwork for Sidcup Library

There is lots of information about Quentin Blake here. Did you know that he has written or illustrated over 300 books?

We have written letters to Quentin Blake and are planning to send them to him, do you think will reply?


In Maths we are practising counting in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s. This is also sometimes known as “skip counting”.

We like using 100 Square Splat in class. If you have flash, then you can play online.


Image result for skip counting


We have begun to look at repeated addition before moving on to multiplication and division. It is very important that the children have time to explore these concepts using apparatus and equipment by relating it to real life experiences.

Image result for repeated addition

Children need a secure understanding of repeated addition and how this relates to multiplication and division so we are using 2s, 5s and 10s to ensure the children fully understand the concepts.


In topic we have been checking on our little sunflower seedlings. Do go with your child and check how well they are growing.

Image result for sunflower seedlings

We went outside to investigate the plants in our school grounds and to see how many we could name or identify. Can your child show you the oak tree and the silver birch tree at Garrick Green?

We hope you have a lovely weekend when you get to it,

The Year One Team



This week in English we have been reading and enjoying the story of Mrs Armitage on Wheels by Quentin Blake.

Image result for mrs armitage on wheels images from story

Some children have begun to think what adventures Mrs Armitage will have next on her new roller skates! They have been planning a simple 3 part adventure that they will write up as a simple story.

In Maths we are learning about weight and mass. The children have been investigating the weight of everyday classroom objects by using cubes and the balance scales. They are beginning to weigh objects using grams. The children had great fun trying to make models of Lego that weighed as close to 100 grams as possible.

There are some great games to play online such as: http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/mostlyPostie/index.html

Why not use your bathroom or kitchen scales to weigh some different objects or yourself? (Don’t use the kitchen scales for that though!)


In topic we did a “knowledge harvest” to think about what we already knew about our new topic “The Great Outdoors” and what they would like to find out or do during our learning time. Each child planted their own sunflower seed to look after. Do you know what a plant needs to survive? We would love to know if your child does some growing in the garden or in pots at home.

Image result for the great outdoors


Ideas for your home learning: 

  • Why not have a look at what has changed since you went out looking for signs of spring?
  • Where have the daffodils gone?
  • Can you name any trees or flowers?
  • Send us a photo of you if you go to somewhere in Norfolk or elsewhere in the UK.
  • Do some weighing or measuring at home. Why not see which of your cuddly toys weighs the most?
  • Go to the library to see if you can borrow any Quentin Blake books. You might already have some at home. If you bring one in , we will make time to share it in class.
  • See if you can write your numbers from 0-10 with correct number formation. What about to 30 or 50? or beyond?

Image result for number formation

Look here if you need a reminder:



Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

The Year One Team



25th April 2019

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We hope you had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed some of the glorious sunshine. It is Garrick Green Science Week and the children have been extremely busy. We started the week by learning about how plants “drink” water by using capillary action!

Image result for flower capillary action                                         Related image



The children have been investigating forces by investigating the best material to make a parachute…



Today we have been working scientifically. We have been asking questions and using simple equipment to do our own tests. We learnt how salt makes water denser. The children explored how much salt was needed to make an object float.






Related image

On Friday it is Film Club after school.

On Tuesday the Library Van will be in school.

On Monday 29th it is the Year One Maths event 2-3pm.

We will be starting this event in the school hall but please wear sensible shoes as we will be moving around! We have prepared an active activity for you to enjoy with your child(ren) so fingers crossed for good weather.


5th April 2019


This is Pantosaurus!

Image result for pantosaurus

The children were absolutely fantastic during our Year One lessons about Pantosaurus. They have learnt about the correct names for body parts. We talked about the people who we can trust and each children thought of lots of adults they can trust at home and at school. You’ve probably already talked to your child about things like crossing the road safely. Talking to them about staying safe from abuse is just as easy with the NSPCC PANTS rules.

Image result for pants acronym nspcc


In our other lessons we have been thinking about the Easter story. We have read, watched and listened to different versions and discussed the main events. The children have reflected on why the Easter story is special to Christians. Then we looked at religious and non-religious Easter symbols to help us design Easter cards.



It has been a wonderful Spring Term and we can’t believe how quickly it has flown by! Your child has some letters in their book bag so do take a look. We hope you have a wonderful Easter break.







28th March 2019

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments and kind words about the Spring Fling. The children performed wonderfully and should be very proud of themselves.

This week in English we have been continuing our work on the story of The Frog Prince. It has been lots of fun retelling the story with the children, especially listening their adjectives to describe the poor old frog prince!

Image result for the frog prince


In maths we have been doing some assessments. As well as this we have been looking at using the equals sign as a balance between two calculations.
For example 3+2=4+1 or 15-2=20-7
This gets a whole lot trickier when… a number is hidden!

In Topic we wrote up about our exciting visitor from Friday’s workshop.

Next week:

We will have the NSPCC pants lesson where the children will watch the Pantasaurus animation and we will talk about good and bad touch and explaining that what is inside their pants is private.

There is more information for parents here – http://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/underwear-rule/


Tuesday 2nd April -Library Van will be coming to school

The Norse Taster Session is at 1.45 for those of you who returned your slips.


Friday 5th April -open classroom from 9.15 until 11.00 (Last day of term!)