The First Reception Blog

Welcome to the first blog of the year!

Thank you for all helping to make the first couple of weeks run smoothly – we think it has all gone really well!

We really appreciate that you are trying to encourage the children’s independence by saying goodbye on the playground and them walking round to the classroom with their teacher. They majority of the children settle quickly and seem to be happy at school which is great! The ones who are a little upset coming into school normally take an extra 5 minutes to adjust and then they seem to settle and play happily with the rest of the class.

We have been listening to stories and getting used to the classroom and the outside area. The children are getting to grips with the daily routines and getting to know their fellow class mates. It is nice to see some friendships developing. This point in the year is really important time for developing social skills which the majority of the children are doing really well with.

We are assessing the children at the moment to see where in the Early Years foundation stage they are so that when we start teaching we know what each of the children need.

This week the children are making Christmas cards. We will send your child’s design home and there will be a letter explaining how to order these.

We hope you have made it to one of the curriculum talks but if you want to know anything else please speak to a member of the Reception team.

We are collecting 5ps for fundraising so if you have any spare please send them in – we have a bottle in the classroom to collect them.

Please remember there are flu vaccines on Friday.

We are also collecting the Aldi sports cards.

Have a good week!